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    NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory held a pumpkin carving contest since 2011 during the Halloween season. The rocket scientists and engineers join forces to create some of the most insane and beautiful pumpkin carvings you’ve ever seen! They utilize the high tech technology into their designs, and it’s so insanely cool! You can see a collection […]

    The post Insane Pumpkin Carvings From The NASA Rocket Scientists at JPL appeared first on FizX.

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    Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkin made this awesome Halloween-themed stop motion animation they used hundreds of pumpkin to make this video possible. With music by Grayson Matthews, you will hear a lot of interesting sounds in the video below, It is a super cool video to watch! Ohlenkamp adds: Many pumpkins were photographed twice. First as […]

    The post Insanely Cool Stop Motion Short Made with Pumpkins appeared first on FizX.

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    If you are looking for a laugh this miserable Monday morning, look no further. check out this compilation video of some of your favorite female celebrities laughing like Seth Rogen. Creepy? Yes but also fun to look at. Check out the video below.

    The post Women Laughing With Seth Rogen’s Voice Is Creepy appeared first on FizX.

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    President Trump’s classification of Japan calls into question whether he was briefed for his trip by the White House or a collection of Tom Cruise DVDs.

    The post Trump Calls Japan ‘A Country Of Samurai Warriors’ appeared first on FizX.

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    These plane crashes were seen all over the world. From Aerosucre Flight 4544, to China Airlines Flight 642, to Red Wing Airlines Flight 9268, these aircraft disasters shook people to their very core. Check out the top 10 most shocking plane crashes ever filmed below.

    The post Top 10 Shocking Plane Crashes Caught on Camera appeared first on FizX.

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    Last night on Conan, UFC champion Ronda Rousey appeared to show people the awesome power of 4K gaming and her own power to some poor sod. Apparently, Rousey uppercut a dude right in the nuts to promote the newly released Microsoft console Xbox One X, I am not kidding! check out the video below.

    The post Ronda Rousey Jammed Her Hand In Dude’s Nuts To Promote The Xbox One X appeared first on FizX.

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    Joshua Slice is made this little adorable animated short which is about a cute little spider named Lucas. The small arachnid declared that he has too many eyeballs to look around with. Check out the video below. This is an animation test of a character I’ve been working on. I’m responsible for the design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting […]

    The post Cute Animated Short About A Little Spider Named Lucas appeared first on FizX.

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    The comedy collective Improv Everywhere chose to create a familiar buying experience by changing a subway elevator at 23rd Street into a fake Apple store. There they planted troupe members as fake buyers waiting in line for the “first 50 iPhone X” phones, as workers and as happy customers exiting the elevator with the tell-tale white plastic bag in their hands. For […]

    The post Waiting In Link For The iPhone X At a Fake Apple Store appeared first on FizX.

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    Robert Downey Jr and his wife Susan Downey welcomed Architectural Digest to come in and tour their magnificent converted windmill house in the Hamptons. During the tour, the couple showed their favorite art, their newly renovated bathroom, their beloved places in the house, their untidy closet and a lot more, check out the video below. Robert Downey Jr. and wife Susan Downey turned […]

    The post Robert Downey Jr Give a Tour of Their Stunning Windmill Hamptons House appeared first on FizX.

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    So who would you think will win in a fight, Pennywise vs. The Joker? I think Joker will come out as a winner, simply because he doesn’t get scared, so if Pennywise even chose him as a target, things would end rather instantly for the clown. This video portrays a different tale, and with amazing […]

    The post Pennywise And Joker Go One on One In CGI Fan Film appeared first on FizX.

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    Well, I don’t go out much and when I go I usually drive myself there so I don’t watch Netflix on the move. That is why these statistics come to me as a shock that 67% of Netflix users stream while on mobile, just imagine how many people watch the shows while commuting to work […]

    The post Netflix Reveals How Many People Are Watching The Service On The Move appeared first on FizX.

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    Jimmy Kimmel created a comic book called The Terrific Ten when he was a little kid and it was filled with insane funny superhero characters. Now, J.J. Abrams took the comic, put together an amazing star cast, and made it into an insanely funny live-action short film/trailer. The trailer was made in honor of Kimmel’s 50th birthday and it features […]

    The post J.J. Abrams Made Jimmy Kimmel’s Childhood Comic THE TERRIFIC TEN into a Comedy Short Film appeared first on FizX.

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    The Slow Mo Guys is back with another cool video for you and in this new video, you will see them cutting through various plastic bottles with a Katana sword. Filmed at 1000 fps and 2000 fps with a Phantom Flex 4K. Check out the video below.

    The post Watch Katana Sword Strike In Super Slow Motion appeared first on FizX.

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    On a typical movie night, you need some good snacks to go with your movie, I for one cannot watch a movie without something to eat and drink. I love movie theater popcorn if I’m in a theater for an action-packed movie and I have to admit I love overpriced bags of dessert popcorn from Popcornopolis. […]

    The post The Most Simple Way To Make Cookies And Creme Popcorn appeared first on FizX.

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    If you are a fan of Harry Potter and wants to make some treats as shown in the movie but didn’t have any idea where to start? Binging With Babish’s released a new video for the Potter fans and it is a good place to start. In the video below you will learn how to make Butterbeer, Treacle Tart, […]

    The post Learn How To Make Butterbeer And Other HARRY POTTER Treats appeared first on FizX.

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    This week, much like Roy Moore’s signature in a high schooler’s property, is in the books. Check out the video below.

    The post One Week Older, Moore Sexual Harassment appeared first on FizX.

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    Check out the most gorgeous but insanely expensive Japanese grapes, I have to say they do look juicy and all but they will set you back almost $2000! It is like buying the most expensive iPhone X, for 15 minutes.

    The post Check Out $1,977 Japanese Grapes appeared first on FizX.

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    When you mix alcohol and live television, it can be a start to some pretty interesting moments. WatchMojo is counting down 10 of the drunk celebrity moments. Stars in this fun-filled video include Ben Affleck, Courtney Love, Danny Devito, and Paula Abdul, just to name a few of the drunk celebrities who embarrassed themselves on live […]

    The post Top 10 Celebrities Wasted on Live TV appeared first on FizX.

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    While watching the television, the very concerned English bulldog named Khaleesi, tried his best to save Leonardo DiCaprio from a bear attack in the movie The Revenant. Khaleesi the English Bulldog LOVES Leonardo DiCaprio as most of us do. While watching one of her favorite films “The Revenant” she becomes fiercely protective of the actor when she sees him […]

    The post Dog Tries to Save Leonardo DiCaprio From a Bear Attack While Watching ‘The Revenant’ appeared first on FizX.